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Till a few years back we were the quintessential city bred couple, burdened and bogged down by the pressures of everyday life until during one of our visits to Kodai hills we fell in love with the winding paths, misty meadows and meandering streams. One fine day we called it quits with city life and decided to settle down in Kodaikanal not for its tourist attractions but for its idyllic villages, agricultural diversity and endless valley 360 deg views.

Having experienced all this , we have taken it upon ourselves to offer you a glimpse of the kodaikanal lifestyle, a way of life that very few have seen and relished. The Kodai experience, we believe is a must for every city dweller given the environmental challenges we are facing due to depleting vegetation, global warming and pollution.

We currently offer camping, trekking ,village visits for insightful , adventurous, enjoyable holidays!!
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